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about what you owe
A recent Citizens Bank survey* shed light on how informed college graduates are about their student loan debt. Here is what we found.
*Survey brought to you by Citizens Bank in partnership with Ogilvy.
expect to still be paying off their student loans
by the time they turn 40
TIP:Refinancing your student loans may allow you to pay off your debt sooner and save on the overall cost of borrowing

of their annual salary
is spent on student loan payments
TIP:Lowering your monthly payments by refinancing can provide more flexibility in your finances. Use our calculator to see how much you might be able to save.

don't know the average
interest rate on their student loans
TIP:Check your student loan account information or billing statements for the current interest rate. Explore refinancing options to see if you can lower your interest rate and your monthly payments.

their monthly student loan payments
TIP:If student loan payments are taking up more of your monthly budget than you're comfortable with, refinancing may be the right solution for you.

is the average amount
owed in student loans
TIP:Student loan debt can be overwhelming. Refinancing your student loan debt can help you manage your finances and save money.

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